Tj Parker, Music Production/Artist

Implicated Scope

TjP's Philosophy

My mantra
I want to remain independently unaffected and continuous with philanthropy as my purpose for existence.

Nothing is over, Its just the beginning of something we did not expect.

One must first place themselves in the cosmos then come back into the world to be elected for their good work.

Everything is Evolutional and in perpetual motion.

Business and Art are the same.

With careful addition deletion is a superfluous notion.

Women have a unique and special purpose over men in the sense that they have less need to reestablish a connection with life because they are life.

We are not promised tomorrow in this form of existence so speak now on all that you love.

Space is not empty it is an ineffable plenum not a vacuum.

No self accountability with self entitlement is a paradox. No one acts alone as no one is a single drop. We are the Architects of our own device. It's in our complacency that we get lost.

True Friendship - It is important that we remain consistent in our belief systems as they work together in harmony. A True Friendship is bonded with a cohesive Continuity like this; trust is an expression of commitment.

Gratitude is Latitude.

I can only evaluate on a compilation of one's work by the abundance, accumulative time and integrity of the whole and not a fragment of one's work used for exhibition and excitement. The process of art appreciation must be experienced as a whole. It is a very personal matter.

I think most people would concede as to subscribe to the notion of Social Liberal and fiscal conservatism, this makes pretty good sense.

The convolution starts in theology and ideology because it simply is group mentality.

There are leaders and followers only. All great thoughts and inventions come to fruition from one person's genius. Fragmentation then is the matter at hand to be focused on; ones perception would be better viewed as a whole experience.

The main focus really is upon evolution, that way you have the proper perspective on what you are introducing and this idea or invention then becomes a contribution to the improvement, solidarity and benevolence for society and all its future. ~ Scope TjP

Content Dependent (Duality)
The information needs to support the substance.

Are you a particle or a wave?
Are you a weed or a flower?
You hold the power.

Evolution (Positive)
We must experience life as a whole.
It is essential to have cohesion, order and harmony so society moves together with a common pool of knowledge. Let's be grateful and learn together what we do not understand.

We must perceive the world as an indivisible whole as opposed to constituencies.
Fragmentation is the enemy of perception.

Love's the Solution
I look to the sky and I think that I can create a power higher than I , It's condition can't you see,
what we ain't got we can develop don't you know. Like minds project to connect, love's the solution.

A Piece for Peace
I sing in melisma, I phase in syllabic, and let's aggregate the culture for survival and our love will surely follow.

Thought Process
Vision, perception, illusion, reaction. assimilation, manifestation.

FTWL (fighting the war on love)
Be kind to all people - everyone is fighting the war on love.

Me gusta intellegence, Yo Creo que su muy sexy.

Our Lives are as good as they are going to get and no one gets out alive.

Dig it slow with intellect, It's all there.

It's all just an illusion, it's all Holographic.

The Tears of joy will always be superior to the tears of Sorrow.

The difference between an Artist and a Iconic Pop Star is that an Artist is carefully crafted from the inside out, A Pop star is simply designed from the outside in.

Hate does not exist in ones uncertanty yet knowledgable perception of the Universe.

I unequivocally consider myself as an Artist not a Musician.
i.e. an Artist creates abstracts from realities where as most musicians just simply cannot face the Music.

Change induces the birth of optimism which becomes the impetus for new creation.

Knowledge equals wisdom equals love equals god.

Trust is the Calculus for commitment.

In Physics God is everything, In Biology it is the human heart.

To live a simple life with intellect is the best or just simply live your life.

To rest on ones laurels is the equivalent to eating fast food.

Art speaks louder than words

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